Parent Toolkit for Talking to your Teen about Substances

Operation Prevention breaks down opioid substance use. They go through the basics of opioids, facts v. myths, parenting styles, and finally how to start the discussion on substance use with your child. It breaks down discussion points for each age group and helps hone you’re skills for starting a discussion with your child.

Follow the link below to read the toolkit:

Substance Use Resources

SADD is dedicated to ensuring a healthy, happy, and empowered life, throughout every stage of life. This means not only adhering to the mission of helping our youth turn away from drinking and driving, but also to prevent other destructive decisions through peer-to-peer communication.
We are proud to take a positive stand on important issues that face our teens through youth leadership development. This means helping teens and the adults in their lives to better understand the pressures that they face on a day-to-day basis through a variety of educational and motivational material. Utilize the resources below for optimal health and wellness, throughout all areas of life.


Follow the link below for a list of resources to learn more about substance use.

Substance Use and Mental Health in Teens and Young Adults

What If Your Loved One Uses Drugs AND Has Anxiety, ADHD or Bip olar Disorder?

It’s estimated that half of young people struggling with substance use also have another mental health problem such as depression, anxiety, ADHD or bipolar disorder. It’s important to find treatment programs that can address both concurrently for the best outcomes. Learn more about “co-occurring disorders” here and download the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids’ free workbook to help you find an appropriate treatment program for your child.