Community Prevention Initiative

The Boston Public Health Commission has created a website explaining all the prevention basics, including overdose prevention and youth substance use prevention. The website talks about what Boston is currently doing and breaks down the strategic plan for each prevention effort. The website also offers a free Narcan training for those who are interested.

Don’t forget! If you’re in MA you can get Narcan at any pharmacy simply by asking at the counter. Narcan is a standing prescription and you would simply pay your usual copay.

For more information go to the website below:

Boston Public Health Commission

Guide to Finding a Quality Treatment

Center on Addiction has written a short, concise guide to help anyone who is trying to find a quality addictions treatment. They go into detail about levels of care as well as types of addiction treatment. They provide you with questions to ask when you’re looking for quality addiction treatment, including a blank worksheet with questions for a treatment provider.

Follow the link below for the full ebook.

Guide to Finding Quality Addiction Treatment