How Mommy Drinking Culture has Normalized Alcoholism for Women in America


Sarah Cottrell, Author

The link below talks about the mommy wine culture from the perspective of a mother who found herself drinking a full bottle of wine in a single day. She shares her own struggles with alcohol and the toxic culture of mommy wine memes. She wants to make sure that anyone who feels like she did is not alone.

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Choose Your Path

This interactive video lets you choose your path, including a section that lets you choose to take a substance. It leads to an explanation of the negative consequences that using a substance can cause both to yourself and to others around you.

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A Guide to Addiction

This guide gives information about addiction, including breaking down the definition and signs. It gives information about support and methods of recovery. They include a section for relatives as well as a whole section for children who may be affected and how to explain substance use to children. The booklet also provides a list of resources for more information.

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