Prevention Werks TV Episode 2

Prevention Werks TV Episode 2: Ariele Goldman, Person in Recovery

Prevention Werks Episode 2 is officially up! This interview we talk to Ariele Goldman, Prevention Werks intern and person in recovery, about her childhood and early use. The interview ended up going so well we are having her back for our next two episodes so keep an eye out! We will be discussing her time as an active user and her recovery for episodes 3 and 4, which will air May 27th and June 10th respectively.

Follow the link at the top of this post or click here to watch the video!

Thanks to Lynn Community Television for use of their studio and production team. They’re a great resource and have been very helpful during our journey creating this show.

Prevention Werks TV

Prevention Werks is excited to announce Prevention Werks TV! Prevention Werks TV is aimed to educate the public about prevention, addiction, and recovery. This show will be produced by and aired on LCTV, our local channel. The episodes will be created biweekly and premier Mondays at 9 every other week. If you miss the premier of an episode, we will have our usual spots on Mondays at 9 and Wednesdays at 5, but you can always watch us on by searching Prevention Werks! LCTV is on channel 3 on Comcast for both Lynn and Swampscott and channel 38 on Verizon in Lynn, Peabody and Revere.

Prevention Werks TV will educate the public about substance use, addiction, recovery and prevention. We will interview people in recovery and those affected by substance use. This way we can shine a light on those who are in recovery and highlight positive stories. We will also host professionals in the field to learn more about the science behind substance use and some of the basics of opioids and how the opioid epidemic got to where it is today. There will also be an ‘on the streets’ element where we talk to local Lynn community members about substance use. This way we can get to know the Lynn community and find out what they know about substance use and prevention.

The first episode aired April 29th, 2019 at 9PM and the second episode will air Monday May 13th at 9PM. We will be posting the episodes here so people have easy access to the show and can watch them at any time. We hope you enjoy the show!

Episode One

Episode Two