Child Mind Institute

The Child Mind Institute is a great resources for short, concise articles on drugs and alcohol pertaining to teen use. There are a variety of articles that talk about reasons teenagers may drink, mental health, self-medicating, and tips on how to talk to your teen about substances. They also have resources for treatment as well as articles that talk about getting teens into treatment.

Alcohol and drug use is serious business, but as a parent it can be difficult to know when to have “the talk” or how to step in if you’re afraid your child may have a problem. Below you’ll find articles to help manage this difficult issue, from the most effective way to talk to your child about safety and sobriety to common mental health issues that can lead young people to self-medicate to strategies for getting reluctant teens into treatment.

Child Mind Institute, Drugs and Alcohol

Follow this link to find all their articles about alcohol and other drugs.

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