Who are we?

Michelle and I work with a team of prevention specialists for the City of Lynn. We work under multiple grants that have been awarded to Lynn in order to educate the public about prevention. We host events, give presentations, and table at local events in Lynn and the surrounding areas. We have mainly focused on our facebook brand preventionwerks and we have finally decided to make a website in order to make the information we post more organized. We hope to reach more people through the website so that we can spread awareness about prevention, addiction, and recovery.

This site has been created to organize the information that we post and make it easier to find. We have been talking about doing this for a while and finally decided to try our hand at a website. We are open to any comments and suggestions and would love to hear from the public about ideas of events in order to reach a wider variety of people.

We hope that you stick around to learn more about substance use and prevention.

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